You’ve come here because the multiverse wants you to be greater than yours‘elf, to meet others quite unlike you. Or, you’ve been led here because it’s time that you met others like you. Isn’t that just the way it is every single time that one finds ones‘elf in a situation not characteristic to their day-to-day? You’re somewhere because you had no idea where you were headed until you were there, or you’re there because it’s just where The Magic wants you to ‘bee’ because it’s about time you got there. And now, you have arrived. Let this then ‘bee’ a place that you feel comfortable in visiting whenever possible for you. It pleases me to gno that I can share with you these pieces rendered from the wellspring of my imagination just by clicking your mouse.

Just a little bit about me here then, since it’s usually de rigueur for an artist to have biographical information on hir site. I was born the one year during the so-called Baby Boom in which the most births occurred, that being 1957. The planetary influence of Neptune made its indelible mark on my entire generation, bringing with it a marked unrest over staid political mores and traditional roles and institutions as well as having brought with it enhanced mystical outlooks and praxes as they concern our place in the cosmic scheme of things. So it is with not a small amount of credence that I put into which direction my mind has flown and the heights to which I continue to fly as I take inventory of my surroundings, whether they’re imaginal, remembered, or experiential.

Among the range in the œuvre of my artwork you will find it encountering many areas. Not only will it encompass everything from folklore, Classical mythology, the grandeur of Nature and the sprawling beauty of the cosmos, which, in my most humblest of opinions, combined bare witness to The Magic, but also the many fond memories of my childhood, imagery culled from the arcane, the occult, from fairy tales, the miraculous wonders of our light bodies, the enigmas of the paranormal, Forteana, Ufology, the Fae, the interdisciplinary science of catastrophism, numbers (the full comprehension of which still eludes me), simulacra, wild animals, animal companions, and fabulous beasts, as the hybrid animals once considered monsters were called.

Ofttimes when an artist comes out of hir Eldafaryn closet, sHe will have many profound things to depict to an otherwise unfamiliar audience. Whether these artistic efforts are drawn, painted, collaged, sculpted, committed to prose, poem, or the immortalism of song, many people will otherwise ‘bee’ astonished & amazed by these creations. However, the Eldalië artist hirs‘elf will consider these creations of theirs & others similar though dissimilar to them merely as depictions of things that are as commonplace to hir as eating & breatheing are for everyone else, but no less a cause for celebration. That would, in & of itself, put me in the category of an artist who creates those kinds of works that are relegated under the broad-spanning umbrella term Magical Realism, tracing the contact & inter-exchanging of experiences & ideas 'twixt the mundane & liminal worlds. This traces a thread spanning far into the remoteness of the past & the sprawling vastness of the future. I will thus happily include mys‘elf under the nomenclature of Magical Realist. Stay tuned. My newer pieces will be included here as I deem fit. In the gentletime, enjoy the outdoors more often. Reconnect with your own divine spark. Walk in peace, safest of journeys, & forever remain thriced blessed.